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Late 1950’s Vinyl Ester Resin-based Composites emerged as a modern alternative to conventional options such as steel or alloys employed in the manufacturing of industrial equipment hosting aggressive chemical processes & complex operating conditions. Recognizing the merits of this novel concept, Reichhold embarked on a comprehensive research program that, over the years, delivered cost effective as well as performant solutions known as the DION range of Vinyl Ester Resins

New Technology

Recent technological developments on the VER arena established a new benchmark in terms of the overall performance as well as processing & handling of these highly specialised resins, thus setting a new trend amongst reputable resin developers & manufacturers.

Research & Development

In order to meet the current & more complex demands & expectations of the corrosion market, Reichhold – one of top resin designer & manufacturer world-wide – expanded their on-going research & development program in their continued quest for a competitive range of products comparable to other well-known brands & varieties.

Superior Performance

The Dion range of VER’s offers demonstrably high performance in withstanding the aggressive attack from a diverse chemical media in the corrosion industry. The most notable achievement of this effort is undoubtedly the Dion Impact 9400 Novolac, specifically designed for superior chemical resistance against strong acids & solvents, operating at high temperatures.

Complex Technology

The defining component for this type of VER’s is the Novolac ramification, given that the performance of the resin – chemical resistance & physical properties – is a direct function of its Novolac content. The technology to manufacture these resins is complex, expensive & requires specific infrastructure, raw materials &, above all expertise. Which is why, when adequately formulated, these products are limited to a selected few resin manufacturers in the world.

Latest Additions to the Dion Range

Included in the range will be a Bishenol- A, which offers high resistance to alkaline environments and mild acids at high temperatures. This product is the only locally manufactured Vinyl Ester and is manufactured under licence to Reichhold. A rubber modified vinyl ester; this is mainly used as a primer, particularly on steel tanks. This product offers high impact resistance and very good tensile elongation to cope with the coefficient in temperature between steel and composites. Lastly, a fire retardant Vinyl ester will complete the range for application that require ASTM-E84.

VER offering

NCS resins will now offer the market a full Dion complement of Vinyl Ester Resins comprising:

Dion 9400 Novolac

Dion 9133 Bisphenol-A

Dion 9500 Rubber modified Vinyl esterused as a primer

Dion 9300 fire retardant

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