Position National Sales Manager / Executive

Seniority Executive Management Member

Reporting to Managing Director

Qualifications BCom / IMM / MBA preferably with a BSc. (Chemistry /Chem Eng)

Experience 18-20 years with a minimum of 5-8 years successfully leading a sales team

Location Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Competencies & Required Demonstrated Track Record

Ability to operate in a complex, technical field / market.

Chemical background or undergraduate degree/diploma is therefore desirable.

Maintain a portfolio of core and accessory products with multiple SKU’s.

Proven ability to maintain exist sales volumes and margins as the leader in the industry in a highly competitive market.

Experience in working with management accounts on a monthly basis and providing feedback during monthly Exco meetings.

Ability to interrogate CRM databases to understand dynamics and patterns based on historic and current sales data with the intention of providing insight into maintaining and growing top line as well as warding off margin pressures.

Developing a strategy based on quantitative and qualitative evaluation of market dynamics with a clear action plan that is set upon driving the necessary sales team behaviour.

Instituting measureable criteria for the sales force to ensure optimal customer service, sales team utilisation and customer retention / prospecting.

Boardroom level communication capability through written report or presentation that is insightful and decisive with respect to strategic intent, actions, and measured deliverables.

Ability to draft contracts / offtake agreements with the appreciation for finer detail.

Understands the importance of managing account terms to reduce exposure

Entrepreneurial flair with the ability to understand a customer’s needs and identify new opportunities and markets for the existing and associated product lines.

Sees value where it isn’t obvious, establishes and follows through with the opportunities that are created turning them into profitable avenues.

Lead the coordination of marketing activities including product launches, roadshows, website and media channels for the promotion of products and services.

Skilled in negotiation to ensure continued sales flow from regular customers.


Can lead a team of diverse individuals including Branch Managers and Sales Executives.

Highly energetic and enthusiastic leader with a good balance between motivating a team culture and leading by example.

Anxious, restless, with a desire to be ahead of the game (will break down doors to secure the business).

Appreciates the importance of balancing entertainment with reward to achieve the desired results. 

Passionate about teamwork and demonstrates the value of working with executives from supporting departments including Operations, Technical, Procurement, HR and Finance.

Sets stretch yet achievable targets (BHAG) driven by the desire to maintain market leading position.

Roles & Responsibilities

Lead the national sales team comprising of Branch Managers, external & internal sales representatives and supporting distribution personnel.

Develop and promulgate a sales strategy that is aimed at improving the company performance through top line management.

Generates annual sales budgets, monthly forecasts and report on progress during weekly and monthly Exco meetings.

Manages stock levels and ensures working capital is within company policies.

Works closely with technical and operational staff to ensure that the customer’s needs are addressed.

Manages customer satisfaction by ensuring excellent client relationship management is being practiced.

Manages international supplier partnerships (merchandised products)

Initiates and participates in client entertainment as and when required.

Must be willing to travel nationally and on a frequent basis (weekly).

Previous Employment Environment

Niche chemical / technical / construction / machinery businesses dealing with a vast number of customers
Corporate environment with entrepreneurial leeway.

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