Schedule Trade Permit – Renewal

 In General

Scheduled Activities permit application as per Section 6(1) of the Scheduled Activities Bylaw Notice is hereby given that an application will be made by NCS Resins (Pty) Ltd in terms of the above-mentioned Bylaws to Mr Dhiren Basudeo of the eThekwini Municipality for authority to use 9 Pineside Road, New Germany (LOT: REM 3 PINESIDE & SUB 6 OF 186 NEW GERMANY) for the purpose of conducting the following listed activity listed in Schedule 1 of the Bylaws:

Chemical product processing

Any person desiring to comment on or object to the use of the premises for such purposes will have until the 2nd April 2021 to lodge a written notice setting out their names, contact details, addresses and the grounds of their objection with:

Authorised Official: Mr Dhiren Basudeo Address: 1 William Lester Drive, Westville Civic Centre, Westville, 3629
Contact Number: 031 312 7687
Email address:

Company details for objection
NCS Resins (Pty) Ltd (031) 713 0600
Copies of the application and publication notice are available for public comment on:

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