NCS Resins operates under a technology license agreement with Reichhold to manufacture the Norpol, Polylite, Hydrex and Dion brands, as well as produces their own in-house technology.


NCS Resins is the sole global licensee of Reichhold, the world’s largest manufacturer of polyester resins.

Resin Products

Laminating Resins

Unwaxed Laminating Resins

Roof Sheeting Resins

Surfboard & Reduced-Yellowing

Flat Panel Resins

Acrylic Back-up Resins

Tooling Resins

Fire Retardant Resins

Pigment Carrier Resins

Flexible Blending Resins

Marine Grade Laminating

Corrosion & High Performance

Infusion, Cold Press & Lite RTM

Water Proofing

Clear Casting Resins

Button Resins

Body Filler Resins

Pultrusion Resins

Filament Winding Resins

Marble Casting Resins

Solid Surface Casting

Polymer Concrete Casting

Hot Press Resins

Encapsulating Resins

CIPP Resins

Gelcoat Products


Surface Coats


NCS is the appointed agents for internationally established brands that are complimentary to the composite materials industry. Our partners include:

Norpol, Polylite, Dion, Hydrex: A range of polyester and vinylester resins and gelcoats manufactured under licence to NCS Resins...
Core Materials used in sandwich laminates
Axel Plastics manuafactures a comprehensive range of Mould Releases and Process Aid Additives.
Magnum Venus Products (MVP), exclusive manufacturer of the patented Fluid Impingement Technology (FIT®), is the world leader in the manufacturing of high quality, environmentally friendly tools and equipment for the reinforced thermoset plastics industry.
Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals is based in Chicago, USA, supplies NCS Resins with a range of Peroxides for in curing of polyester resins.
Farécla Profile is a range of water based abrasive compounds and associated products that have been specially developed to restore and improve the surface finish of Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy resin composite and gel coat surfaces.
A leader in Fiberglass Materials in Southern Africa since 2006
ITW Plexus®, a business unit of Illinois Tool Works, a Fortune 200 company, manufactures and sells the patented new Plexus methacrylate adhesives for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials.
A wide range of glass fibre and other reinforcements from global manufacturer Owens-Corning.
A range of light-weight core materials and high performance barrier coats manufactured under licence to NCS Resins.
Duratec, a division of Hawkeye Industries, produces a range of mould making & mould refurbishment products:- sealers, primers, putty, Styrosafe Polyester Laminating Resin and top coatings

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