Dusi Canoe Marathon athletes given the edge by NCS Resins

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Sponsored canoes manufactured with Dion 9133 Vinyl Ester resin are a huge hit

KWAZULU-NATAL – Bud Group company NCS Resins recently sponsored boats for three members of the Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club (SCARC) to use during this year’s Dusi Canoe Marathon – viewed by many as one of the toughest paddling races in the world.

The boats were manufactured using the newly-launched Dion 9133 Vinyl Ester resin. Besides being clear in colour and beautiful to look at, the new resin has the added advantage of not requiring the use of amines in the curing system.

According to keen paddler and founder of Set Kayaks, Malcolm Stoddard, the boats performed extremely well in difficult conditions.

“Vinyl ester resins are traditionally more difficult to work with than polyester resins. For want of a better word, they are slightly more temperamental,” Stoddard said.

“However, the NCS product was easy to work with, foamed less and had an impressive wet-out.

The proof, however, was putting the kayaks to the test over three days of a tough Dusi Canoe Marathon.

“All three kayaks held out very well after being driven over – and sometimes into – rocks and dragged down some abrasive road surfaces on the various portages.”

This spoke volumes about the toughness and durability of the resin, said Stoddard.

“I’m satisfied with the end result and we will definitely be using it in my factory going forward.”

The three athletes who benefited from the donation – Siyabona Tyiki, Phineas Zulu and Sipho Qoko – were among a host of SCARC members participating in the event.

Tyiki and Zulu both had strong races, earning silver medals and finishing 40th and 44th respectively.

Qoko showed even more endurance by taking part in the Terence Parkin Challenge, an epic 1 120km journey from Johannesburg to Durban by bicycle, water, foot and canoe. He completed the journey alongside Olympic medallist Parkin to raise funds to help teach South African children to swim.

Founded 15 years ago, SCARC is an ADreach Group socio-economic development initiative that aims to uplift previously disadvantaged communities, such as those in Soweto, through the power of sport.

The club was the brainchild of ADreach CEO, Brad Fisher, himself an avid paddler who says its results have been amazing, producing some of the most exciting up-and-coming paddlers in the country.

“We have come a long way since SCARC was founded. This latest initiative with NCS gives me a lot of hope as to what can be achieved in SA if we work together with a common goal,” Fisher said.

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