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NCS Resins (Pty) Ltd manufactures and supplies a range of high quality unsaturated polyester resins and ancillary products to various industries which include construction, transport, recreation, chemicals and mining. The Company’s health, safety and environmental values are of utmost importance and are reflected by our commitments below.


NCS Resins is committed to:


Ensuring the quality and integrity of our manufacturing facilities, products and services.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and the public.


Protecting the environment by taking cognisance of and minimising adverse impacts likely to be caused by any aspects of the manufacture, supply and / or use of our products.

This will be achieved through:          


Teamwork with all stakeholders.


Dedication to the principle of continual improvement in the management of HSE performance by the setting and reviewing of clear objectives and measurable targets.


Undertake proactive steps towards waste minimization, energy conservation and pollution prevention.


Improve management of suppliers, contractors and service providers by means of regular assessment and review.


Reduce process safety incidents by focusing on HSE training and awareness.


Promoting HSE awareness and responsibility among employees and customers through appropriate communication and skills training.


Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and other requirements.


This policy will be communicated to all employees, contractors and service providers. The policy will be made available to the public by way of the NCS Resins website.





Ian Forbes

Managing Director



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