NCS Resins sponsors NSRI

For those of us lucky enough to spend time on the sea off South Africa’s often-wild coastline, the red and yellow paint scheme of the NSRI’s rescue craft is instantly recognisable.

And those vivid colours evoke different responses to different people. To the onlooker, safe on shore, the boats are simply exciting to watch as they smash through the waves, spray flying… And to the crew members, the colours represent the team; pride perhaps and belonging.

But to the sailor, fisherman or paddler, struggling in the water, the colours represent something much more: relief, safety and a chance to live another day.


NCS Resins visit Reichhold - Mitcham, UK and Sandefjord, Norway

Simon Musgrove and Marlynn Jagath from Reichhold’s licensee in South Africa, NCS Resin visited Mitcham in week April 13th and the Technology Centre in Sandefjord in week April 20th. Ahmed Munir, Plant Manager in Mitcham says: “It was a pleasure to host the visit of Simon and Marlynn from NCS. Mitcham has a long track record of supporting Reichhold’s relationship with NCS, particularly assisting with training in the manufacture and QC testing of our Vinylester range of products. I’m glad to say that Simon was very pleased with the visit and commented that it exceeded his expectations, which was gratifying for the Mitcham staff involved, particularly Harris Idrees, Production Manager, who took the lead for delivering the agenda and hosting the visitors.” At the Technology Centre in Sandefjord, Technology Manager Stefanie Römhild was responsible for their visit and arranged a full agenda during their stay. It included lab cooks of vinyl ester and DCPD resins, discussions on test methods for liquid resins including GPC, demonstration of application methods like clear castings and methods used for testing mechanical properties of these products. Significant time was spent in the applications hall where they were given demonstrations of the pultrusion machine and SMC equipment.


Composite Solution for container quay

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