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NCS Resins has spent over 107 775.50 thousand hours since our move to resin manufacturer in 1959 on developing and enhancing both our technical knowledge and application skills (227 752 hours if you count the production and manufacturing skills and the 'know how' we developed since our inception.)

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that our resin heads now offer to share these skills and advanced technical knowledge with the market at large through tailored or group training courses for businesses or individuals. We all know that a text book teaches you one thing but experience teaches you far more.

Now you can tap into the vast experience and technical knowledge of an industry leader and capitalize on the hours we've spent learning and growing, using the knowledge we pass on to you to further your own business!

Superior technical and application procedures are but a mouse click away-book your training now and let us train your brain.

Training we offer:
  • Infusion and Light RTM Training
  • General Hand Laminating Training
  • MVP Chopper gun and Spray up Training

In order to achieve EINSTEIN status in the world of applications...
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