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A little History lesson...

Established in the early 1900’s when milk was still delivered by a horse drawn cart, the Natal Chemical Syndicate was formed to manufacture methylated and rectified spirits for the South African tanning industry – and no, we don’t mean sun tanning. In 1959 the world experienced a decline in the demand for vegetable tanning materials so in 1960, under license from Scott Bader Company Ltd (UK), the clever people at NCS decided to commence the production of unsaturated Crystic polyester resins, gelcoats and pigment pastes. This was such a huge success that in 1961 the production of rectified spirits was permanently halted and the name NCS Plastics came into being.

In 1988 NCS Plastics was purchased by the Sentrachem Group, a large diverse South African chemical company - already producing polyester resins – that brought to the table a strong technological base and several license agreements, including Reichhold (that’s the prize fish!). With the help of these big boys, a new era dawned and NCS Resins was born.

The 1990’s saw NCS Resins establish a new manufacturing facility in Isipingo (the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere – now that’s over achiever material right there!) to complement the existing Pinetown complex, as well as the purchase of BIP (SA). In turn, the Dow Chemical Company purchased Sentrachem in 1997.

In 2001 NCS Resins returned to private ownership through a simultaneous merger with Vereguard (Pty) Ltd - an importer of UPE resins, and a management buy-out from Dow-Sentrachem which was assisted by an equity partner, Brait SA.

With the investment horizon of Medu Capital coming to a close in 2010, Investec Principal Investments took over as our significant shareholder of reference and are still amongst our proud investors today. Not shabby for a company that’s over a 100 years old – and you though just our management team was grey!


NCS Resins (Pty) Ltd operates under a technology license agreement with Reichhold (there’s that fish again) to manufacture the Norpol, Polylite, Hydrex and Dion brands, as well as continuing with our own technology. A complete package of ancillary products, accessories and processing equipment is also distributed locally and internationally. These include a wide range of peroxide catalysts, glassfiber reinforcements (NCS distributes Owens Corning products and is their representative in SA), and release agents.

With a keen eye always poised on long term sustainable growth and service excellence to our customers and suppliers alike – and with an eye on dying all the grey hair - NCS Resins has undergone a facelift to realign our corporate image with the changing times of today. Rebranding our production facilities and our branches nationally has been no easy feat but in true NCS spirit, we resin heads banded together and got the job done in spectacular fashion. With a move towards social media mobilization, we took the nip tuck to our website and online media presences as well. Revamping our .com page and creating footprints on all social networking sites has been quite a propeller for the company and has allowed not only staff direct access to management, but our customers now have the freedom to discuss technical issues with our qualified technical teams in an open and live forum.

Always conscious of our environmental footprint, our product managers are ever searching for green innovations and as in their nature, they’ve hit the nail on the head! Look out for new product innovations on our “Brag List” links posted on the home page. At-prime and Ultra-tough are two new resins that are sure to rock the industry and force all players to rethink how they approach resin.